How We Work

Step One is for you to Login and give us some information about your requirements and upload a copy of your manuscript in ‘Word’ Calibri 14 double spaced.

We will then create a free account for you and give you a free, no-obligation Quotation of our proposed charge to make your audiobook.

If you don’t accept our Quotation within 30 days, unless there is some reason not to, we will delete the account information you provide. If you accept the quotation, we go to Step Two.

In Step Two, we will invoice you for 25% of our Quotation and upon receipt of your payment we will give you the name of the audiobook producer who will process your manuscript and return it to you for checking, voice selection and comment.

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Processing a manuscript involves

  • Making a list of the characters so that you can assign voices to each.
  • Checking the punctuation. If the punctuation is wrong the speech transcript won’t be correct.
  • Deleting narrator phrases such as ‘he said’ ‘she asked’ etc, which aren’t necessary in an audiobook because the speaker will be apparent from the change of voice.
  • Dividing the whole manuscript into numbered segments for the narrator and the speeches of the different characters. It means that if there are any issues after delivery, you can tell us exactly which phrases need changing.
  • Making a book cover for the audiobook.

Processing a manuscript is a lot of work which must be done correctly, otherwise the audiobook won’t read well.

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You then, using the list of characters from the processed manuscript and choosing the appropriate voice from our Voicepage, note your chosen voices on the processed manuscript along with any comments or changes you require and ask us to make the audiobook. If you can’t find the voice you need from our voicepage, we can suggest others or for a small extra fee we can clone any voice you provide.

Once we have agreed on the manuscript and the voices and have dealt with any other issues, we will then invoice you for the remaining cost. And on payment, we will proceed to Step Three.

In Step Three we will make the audiobook. This is a highly skilled process and involves adding pauses and making the voices as realistic as possible. Once the book is completed, you will be able to download it from your account, along with an excel spreadsheet of platforms to which you can submit your work.