Please go to the How We Work section of the website to understand how we go about making your audiobook. We have also added an explanatory video to that section.

Our average fee for creating a multi voice audiobook, where the Narrator and each character is separately voiced, is generally under $3,000 and we usually can complete it within three or four weeks. Once you send us your manuscript we can give you an exact quote, free of charge.

Obviously, if the same AI voice is used throughout, it’s much cheaper, and the manuscript doesn’t need to be processed, but we specialize in multi-voice audiobooks. They are far more challenging to make but on the other hand, they are a completely different listening experience. Your book will stand out from the crowd, so you should get more sales and be able to charge a premium price. Only a tiny percentage of audiobooks are multi-voiced because of the cost and complexity of making them. Our state-of-the-art AI technology and unique voice library enable us to produce multi-voiced audiobooks for a price approaching that for single-voiced books.

The exact price will depend on factors such as the length of the book, the number of different voices required, whether those voices are to be AI or provided by human voice actors, whether any voices are to be cloned, and any exceptional requirements.

Rest assured; our service is a turnkey operation. All you need to do is approve the processed manuscript, select voices from our extensive voice library, and give the final audiobook your seal of approval. Our quote includes creating the audiobook cover and supplying an ISBN for your audiobook. We also provide you with details of audiobook distributors, ensuring you can start earning royalties immediately.